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About Eskrima

Brief History

Eskrima or Arnis is the Martial Art of the Philippines.

The Art has evolved over hundreds of years from the time of Lapu Lapu when he defeated the invasion by Ferdinand Magellan in 1527 at the battle of Mactan in the Visayas area of the Islands ..the first to resist colonisation of the Spaniards. 

Legend has it the Spaniards with their swords and armour, were defeated by Rattan Stick wielding local fighters.... and the Art of Eskrima was born. Over the centuries the Art has evolved to be what it is today with influences from Spanish swordsman as well other weapons and empty hands based arts learned from those using the Philippines as trade routes. 

In the 20th Century Cebu City led the way in the development of the Art with many of today's most prominent styles originating there, including of course the Dacayana Family system of Eskrima, see Lineage founded by Grandmaster Jun Dacayana.

Despite first appearances, Eskrima or Arnis is not just about wielding sticks...in fact most Arnis systems include several weapons categories that help to train the practitioner in empty hand skills as well as weapons. The weapons are often learnt first and the use of weapons enhances the empty hand skills of the student. In Dacayana Eskrima we pride ourselves in having an a totally complete Martial System comprising of 14 Modules and covering all possible weapons, ranges, techniques, drills, skills, tools and applications. It explodes the myth of Eskrima being just 'stick fighting'!

The system uses weapons to create ability and skill for every eventuality.

see Syllabus for more info! 

Eskrima in the Movies 

In recent years Eskrima has made itself visible in Films such as the Bourne movies with Matt Damon, Taken with Liam Neeson, Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig and the Book of Eli with Denzil Washington.....all inspired by and choreographed using Eskrma / Arnis techniques and fighting methods..

These films have helped the Art gain recognition amongst the general public.

However the level of effectiveness of the Art has been well known and used for years by many of the worlds elite military forces.

Eskrima Weapons

Most Eskrima styles use single stick, Double Stick, Knives, Stick and Knife, Swords (often the traditional Pinute or Kampilan ) Sword and Dagger & empty hands. The Dacayana System has many other categories of weapons within it's 14 Modules so learning is almost endless.... see Dacayana Eskrima Syllabus

Eskrima Training

Normally training begins using single or double stick. Students often feel they progress  quickly because of the nature of the training and  find empty hand skills become relatively easy .....as does defending against weapons (because they know how to use them).

Eskrima training also normally includes avariety of drills that increase speed, timing, reflexes and other key attributes... additionally they are lots of FUN !!