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Grandmaster Jun Dacayana



Alberto or 'Jun' to his friends began with his studies in Eskrima with his late Grand Father Dalmacio "Enciong" Alicaway at the age of just 8 years old.

 Jun's Grandfather was not widely known within the world of Eskrima because generally he did not teach outside of the family. His style originated from the island of Negros Occidental and he began to teach Jun because of the youngsters' interest in Eskrima at this very early age.

 The style that was passed on incorporated combat knife techniques from the Police Bantok Battallion who were charged with hunting the Japanese Soldiers during the time of occupation of the Philippine Archipelago.

Sadly Jun's Grandfather passed away in 1984

Jun continued his studies under the tutulage of his father's best friend, Grandmaster Winnie Delarosa who taught Okinawan Karate,  he also learnt traditional Tai-Chi under the tutulage of Grandmaster Tan as well as Boxing under the guidance of his uncle Rolando Dacayana. 

In 1990 Jun continued to develop his training in Eskrima under the direction of his father Grandmaster Alberto Dacayana Sr.

Jun the went on to develop his own style of unique Indigenous Cebuano Martial Arts...eventually to be called the Dacayana Family System. For more information please see LINEAGE

Jun's reputation has continued to grow and he was recognised as an Eskrima Master at a relatively young age.

 Here is an excerpt from a letter written to Jun from the highly respected Grandmaster Ondo Carburnay of Lapunti Arnis:

The letter says "....now you have become a Master in spite of your youth, I salute you. Jun keep up the good work and share all that you have learned only with your chosen and most deserving students. Strive to live your everyday as a happy, upright and desirable person that your father expects you to be. I wish you were my own son! I would have been very proud of you as I watched you grow.

The Datu (Tribal Chieftain) Title 

Grandmaster Jun Dacayana is a true Datu. 

He was awarded Tribal Chieftain status in 2011 and can be known as Datu Olisi in recognition of Dacayana Eskrima. 

The prestigious Datu title should only be awarded to indigenous peoples of good character. 

There comes a responsibility with the title both as a role model and mentor to the local community. 

Like many titles in the world of Filipino martial arts this can be mis-used, please don't be fooled by those in the West who hijack titles for their own personal gain, within Dacayana UK & Europe we are VERY careful how we use them.