Dacayana UK & Europe

About Dacayana UK & Europe

Dacayana UK teaches the family system of indigenous Filipino Martial Arts directly from Grandmaster Jun Dacayana whose Headquarters is in Cebu city Philippines.

Dacayana Eskrima was founded by Grandmaster 'Jun' Alberto A  Dacayana jr. 

Dacayana UK was founded by GM Jun Dacayana, Marcie Harding and John 'Jo' Biggs in 2006


R.I.P. John 'Jo' Biggs

I write this through tears and with a broken heart.

It is with utter desperation that I tell you of the loss of John ‘Jo’ Biggs who died too young yesterday.

Jo founded Dacayana UK with me in 2006 and was jointly responsible with me for bringing GM Jun to the UK . Jo Guided and mentored me and laid the foundations for Dacayana UK with myself and Jun.

To all who knew him it is an overwhelming sense of love and peace that Jo gave to everyone.

Although we grew apart in recent years, greatly loved friends are always in each others’ thoughts.

My thoughts are with all of you who knew him, whether a little or whether you saw him everyday.

He touched so many lives and was a genius in so many ways, not just in the Arts where he excelled as a true Grandmaster, but in life where he inspired, mentored and loved.


Marcie Harding 5th November 2020


In 2012 Dacayana UK was renamed Dacayana UK & Europe in recognition of new European coaches starting out to teach the system.

Dacayana UK & Europe today....

In recent years the growth of the system has been led by European Director Marcie Harding. 

Marcie is supported in her role By UK & Europe Representative John Devereaux and the Principal, Senior & Authorised Coaches already teaching the system .

Dacayana UK & Europe are the only group in the UK and throughout Europe authorised to teach his system. 

2018 saw Country Directors Appointed for  Italy, Switzerland and Eire

In 2019 the Dacayana System Became an Official Combat Art of the Philippine Army  (see certificate of appreciation to GM Jun opposite) 

2020 sees the Dacayana system expand to India as well as continue to teach the Philippine ARMY, NAVY and City POLICE.