Dacayana UK & Europe

Teachers, Coaches & BlackBelts at the Dacayana UK Super Seminar 2015 

Back Row L-R Manohar Singh Ruprai, Tamas Herold, Caroline Bruce, Darren Langston, Luke Davies, Andy Crowe, Lewis Cunnington, Jack Salter, Anthony Dugmore, Andy Bruce, Rob Wheeler, Dave Court, Mark Penny, Kevin Boyle
Front Row L-R (Teachers on the Day)  Laura Peil, Marcie Harding, Lee Kent, Russ Perks, Rob Cook, Paul King, John Devereaux, Jon Ryley, Brian Whatford, Stephen Peil, Keith Anthony


Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches and Black Belt Register 2015

Here is the official list of current Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches and Black Belts
Authorised  for 2015

 If your Coach is not on the list please contact Dacayana UK to check authorisation status


Dacayana UK & Europe Representatives

European Director Marcie Harding (Malvern group)

Associate Coach John Devereaux  (Worcester Eskrima)

Principal Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches 

Doug Levenets (Malvern Group)

Keith Anthony  (Malvern Group)

Paul King (Dacayana Peterborough)

Senior Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches

Lesley King (Dacayana Peterborough)

Georgina Midwood (Dacayana Peterborough)

Russ Perks ( Dacayana Kidderminster & West Midlands)

Lee Kent (Dacayana Cheltenham)

Authorised Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches 

Dave Court  (Dacayana Manchester)

Caleb Huish  (Dacayana Rhondda)

Caroline Sierro (Dacayana Switzerland) 

Robert Wheeler (Dacayana Shawbury, Shropshire)

Laura Peil (Dacayana Redditch & North Worcestershire)

Stephen  Peil (Dacayana Redditch & North Worcestershire)

Karina Whittington (Dacayana Huntingdon)

Matthew Ballard (Dacayana West Midlands)

Seb Bird (Dacayana West Midlands )

Wayne Griffin (Dacayana West Midlands ) 

Kevin Boyle (Dacayana Malvern )

Caroline Bruce (Dacayana Stamford)

Andy Bruce (Dacayana Stamford)

Bernie Leddy (Dacayana Aylesbury)

Andy Crowe  (Dacayana Devon)

Jason Burnett (Dacayana Newport & Cardiff)

Manohar Singh Ruprai ( Dacayana Birmingham coming soon)

Darren Langston (Dacayana Wolverhampton)

Anthony Dugmore (Dacayana Dudley)

Tamas Herold (Dacayana Reading)

Richard Jones (Dacayana Peterborough)

David McGoldrick (Dacayana Devon)

Joseph Dignam (Dacayana Hereford )

Tony McGuigan (Dacayana Swindon)

Andre Tringham (Dacayana Bedford)

Daniel Leddy (Dacayana Aylesbury)

Provisional Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches

Martyn Jackson (Dacayana Redditch)

Andrew Kinnaird  (Location t.b.a.))
Danijel Misljencevic (Dacayana Reading)
James Stewart (Location t.b.a.)

Coaches / Clubs Currently not Active 

Nick Martin (Dacayana Braintree & Southend)

Rob Cook (Dacayana Leeds)

Andy West ( Dacayana Leeds)

Pedro Seromenho (Dacayana Manchester 2 )

Harj Sohal (Dacayana Birmingham 2)

Kevin Simpson (Dacayana Derby & Burton)

Apprentice Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches (Under 21's)

Mikey Wheeler (Dacayana Shawbury)

Charlotte Anthony (Dacayana Malvern)

Bethany Kent (Dacayana Cheltenham)

Harriet Boyle (Dacayana Cheltenham)

Provisional Apprentice Dacayana UK & Europe Coaches (Under 21's)

Archie Burnett (Dacayana Cardiff) 

Harry Thompson (Dacayana Kidderminster)

Ben Smith (Dacayana Kidderminster )

Active Dacayana UK & Europe 2nd degree Black Belts (that are not Coaches) ;

2nd degree 

Paul Huish (Dacayana Rhondda)

Mark Penny (Malvern Group)

Dacayana Eskrima was founded by Grandmaster 'Jun' Alberto A  Dacayana jr. 

Dacayana UK was founded by GM Jun Dacayana, Marcie Harding and John 'Jo' Biggs in 2006

In 2012 it became Dacayana UK & Europe.

In 2015 Marcie Harding became the European Director of Dacayana Eskrima

In 2016 Jon Ryley became the strategic Advisor to Dacayana UK & Europe in order to formalise his ongoing support of the organisation.