Dacayana UK

Here are some highlights of GM Jun's 5th UK Tour 2015 

October 2015 -Bringing the indigenous Cebuano Martial Art to the UK for the 5th Time .....

Dacayana UK & Europe have recently hosted Grandmaster Jun Dacayana for his 5th visit to the UK. During his month long tour of England and Wales he was able to personally meet and train over 300 students in seminars and events.

Attendees were able to see first hand (many not for the first time) the unique nature of the Art of Eskrima and soak up some of the knowledge shared. As always GM Jun delivered his material with immense skill and a witty and humble teaching style. some of the highlights included use of the Sarong in combat and advanced use of the small pocket stick (saguidas) the method of which is unique to the style.

Below are some highlights including some out-takes ...GM Jun INSPIRED. EDUCATED and had lots of FUN !!

Here are some Links to Dacayana UK & Europe Clubs' own videos:

and here are someVideos from Dacayana UK & Europe HQ in Malvern 

Behind the scenes look at how we study with GM Jun :

 and for .... students who are looking at footwork of the 5 Consecutive Strikes.....and the 12 Basic Strikes filmed during 2105 in Devon during GM Jun's 2015 Tour.