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Dacayana Wooden Weapons  - Special order

We have a unique range of exceptionally high quality training blades, specially designed for us by one of our senior students. Joseph has researched Filipino weapons and created an original design based on the Pinute style of sword, the Bolo style and our own training Daggers. The prices of the blades include your name (or of course a friend's if they are a gift! ), hand painted on the blade alongside the official Dacayana name. They are all hand crafted from a single block of OAK or CHERRY. They are perfect for training in all aspects of the Blade based elements of the Dacayana UK & Europe syllabus. 

Please note these training weapons are NOT available from the Dacayana UK shop but must be ordered directly from Dacayana UK & Europe Principal coach John Devereaux. Contact John HERE

These blades are the ONLY official Dacayana UK & Europe training blades and are ONLY available from us.

The Dacayana style Pinute Swords are longer than the traditional Pinute and are perfect for our style of training. The swords are 32" and match the preferred stick length of style. Each sword is hand made from a single block of oak and carries the Dacayana name hand painted on the blade. A matching Dagger is available .. great for practising the Dacayana Sword and Dagger Forms.

Dacayana Pinute Set from £40 -  Pinute Only £27

The Dacayana Bolo style Sword has a blade that both curves and widens, often considerably so. This moves the centre of gravity as far forward as possible giving the blade extra momentum. The Dacayana Bolo sword resembles the 'Jungle Bolo's ' intended for combat rather than agricultural work. The Bolo's are 32" in length and are hand made from a single block of oak and carry the Dacayana name hand painted on the blade. Heavy weapons great for improving body mechanics.

Bolo Style Sword from £27

Personalised Double edged training knives (Kutselyo), these come in various designs and weights, all in oak and with the Dacayana name on at just £16 including your name on the blade too.

Training Daggers from £15